Ethiopia may slip under most travellers’ radars when choosing their next destination.

Africa is a vast continent and singling out one country to visit can be a daunting prospect. What’s more, we can be guilty of thinking Africa only as a place to go on Safari and see the ‘Big 5.’ So we decided to uncover what’s on offer from a more human point of view.

Ethiopia is Africa’s up-and-coming nation so check out our 4 reasons why you should consider is as your next destination

Addis Ababa

Now it’s no secret that Ethiopia’s capital is short of obvious tourist attractions. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less captivating. With the name translating to “New Flower” and cosily called “Addis” it is the place to go for any self-respecting coffee lover.

Discovered by a shepherd boy around the sixth century, Ethiopia is home to the finest Arabica coffee. Not a day can go by without starting off with a sip of the local juice. And for those who aren’t a fan, try a “Spriss” which is half coffee, half tea.

Bahir Dar

Well worth the visit, Bahir Dar is known as the Ethiopian Riviera. Located on the shores of Lake Tana, Bahir Dar offers views of lazy palm trees and shimmering waters and also has a metropolitan city vibe.

Source of the Blue Nile River, Lake Tana is dotted with islands home to beautiful monasteries. These include biblical wall paintings, crowns of different Ethiopian Kinds and ancient illuminated parchment books.

Known locally as Tis-Isat Falls or “Smoke of Fire,” the Blue Nile Falls is a dramatic spectacle perfect to end the day on.

Simien Mountains

The Simien Mountain National Park is an area offering breathtaking views of precipitous cliffs and deep, canyon-like gorges. The biosphere found here is second to none with chances of seeing Gelada monkeys, the Walia ibex and also the elusive Ethiopian wolf.

Finally, the traditional lifestyle of the people living here is fascinating to see. Harsh climates and sparse natural resources make the local way of live distinctive to the glorious Simien Mountains.


Lalibela is one of Ethiopia’s holiest cities where the religious fervor is still very much alive. The handfuls of tourists who visit are completely outnumbered. Crowds of monks, nuns, hermits and worshippers dressed in white can be seen continuing the faith of raw and unwavering Christian devotion.

Monolithic rock-cut churches are what Lalibela is famous for and they don’t disappoint. Each displaying unique architectural features, these UNESCO heritage sites have to be seen to be believed.

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