Whether you’re being whisked off for an all inclusive beach break or visiting a new city for a few days, the basic yet fundamental travel essentials remain the same.

After reading this list, you won’t think twice about packing. You’re welcome 🙂

A jumper

You might be en route to a sunny climate but it can get pretty chilly up in the air. Whilst some airlines do, most don’t provide blankets so don’t forget to pack a jumper in your hand luggage else you might turn into an ice cube.

A pen

So simple yet so handy. For those of you travelling further afield you’ll need a pen to fill in landing cards (very important) and for all the other times, to try and complete the newspaper crossword (also quite important!) *Quick Tip:* make sure it works before setting off…


Long journeys can be made ever more pleasant with earphones, blocking all sound out and allowing time to pass more quickly. So forget them and you might be facing a small fee as some airlines charge for the luxury.

*Quick Tip:* Tie them in a knot before shoving them in your bag, that way you won’t have to try and unravel the world’s hardest puzzle when you want to use them!

A phone charger

On the same note, a phone charger is always handy. Most of us use our phones as a source of entertainment so if that dies, you may be left twiddling your thumbs, or embrace that age old thing called a book. Most planes now have a USB port to charge your batteries.

A travel adapter

This is absolutely key. If you forget this you may as well ignore tips 3 and 4! Try to get a universal adapter so you never find yourself in a plug-to-socket nightmare when you brought the wrong plug!

Travel socks

Let’s not forget about our health either as flights of eight hours or more increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Compression socks, whilst not the more glamorous, keep the blood flowing, decreasing chances of developing blood clots. You can pick up these beauty’s from pharmacies, doctors, supermarkets and even the airport helping to stop DVT from occurring

Ear plugs and/or an eye mask

These will help any light sleeper get forty winks even on the most lively of plane journeys. Don’t forget these if you struggle to drop off as you want to be fresh and ready to explore when touchdown comes.

A passport copy

It may seem obvious but losing your passport can turn your world upside down and ruin a trip. We strongly advise not to lose it BUT to prepare for the worst case scenario, take a colour photocopy of your passport. This will help speed up your emergency application for a new one.

Sealable clear plastic bags.

We know you can get them at airports but why mess around trying to find the right coin to buy one when you could have brought one from home? Just be clear you have the right size to comply with airport security regulations.


These have never been more important. With airlines with British Airways cutting out free meals bringing your own snacks could save you a small fortune as airline food can be expensive. Also you have more control over what you bring so you can be as healthy – or unhealthy – as you like. Your stomach will thank you!