Know Before You Go Morocco

Can you guess which the most visited city of 2016 was? You could say that New York might be up there or Paris or even Sydney.

But nope.

It was the Southeast Asian supercity of Bangkok that took the title in the Mastercard Global Destinations Cities Index.

An indicator of things to come

It is expected that the Asia/Pacific region will witness impressive visitor growth, with more cities in the top 10 than any other region. (Are you becoming more tempted to go yet?!)

The results

They’re based on the number of international overnight visitors but even takes into account the airline tickets and souvenirs we buy. Out of the 132 countries ranked from right across the globe, here are the top 10:

Bangkok – 21.47 million visitors

London – 19.88 million visitors

Paris – 18.03 million visitors

Dubai – 15.27 million visitors

New York – 12.75 million visitors

Singapore – 12.11 million visitors

Kuala Lumpur – 12.02 million visitors

Istanbul – 11.95 million visitors

Tokyo – 11.70 million visitors

Seoul – 10.20 million visitors

We’re with you

Visit Bangkok with us on our Laos and Thailand tour which highlights this bustling city in the heart of Southeast Asia.

We’re also going to Tokyo in May where you can see the city that never gets old, where tradition meets modernity and neon skyscrapers tower over historic temples.

What about 2017?

Well why not take comfort in the fact that literally millions of people have given these cities the thumbs up and try one out for yourself? By joining one of our trips you can get a taste of how solo travellers combine the best of both worlds to see the best of our world!

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