Want to find out Solo Travellers top cities for 2016? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of our favourite places that we think you should be travelling to in 2016.


This beautiful coastal town in Montenegro will take your breathe away… and have you reaching for your camera every time you turn a corner. The views are irresistible and the mountains surrounding the town create the perfect backdrop to this picturesque city. We visit Kotor on our Solo Travellers trip to Dubrovnik, just a short drive away, so if you fancy seeing this incredible place in the flesh, book onto our next trip set for June.


Reykjavik is so hot right now… ironic really, because when you get there you literally think you might freeze to death. That said, as long as you appreciate stunning scenery, exquisite cuisine and you don’t mind being a bit cold, you’re gonna absolutely love it here. Iceland’s cool capital is also renowned for its on-trend nightlife – luckily the abundance of hot pools around Reykjavik mean you can wash away any trace of a hangover in no time. We stay in Reykjavik on our Solo Travellers trip to Iceland for 4 nights… perfect for exploring the city, enjoying the nightlife and admiring the incredible landscapes.


People tend to love or hate Hanoi. We love it. The madness, the atmosphere, and the fact that a capital city has managed to retain its traditional Vietnamese charm in the face of globalisation is outstanding. The Vietnamese barely bat their eyelids at the sight of tourists, which gives an incredible insight into their daily lives. The city itself is a maze of back alleys, endless local restaurants, all kinds of markets and entire streets dedicated to drinking the local beer. With great transport links to the likes of Halong Bay and Sapa, this whirlwind city should be top of your list for 2016. Join us on our Solo Travellers trip to Vietnam if Hanoi takes your fancy.


Hands-down, one of the most beautiful places on earth. It’s no wonder the ancient city of Bagan has made it into our top cities for 2016. Watch the sun rise and set over the thousands of temples and pagodas which stretch out for miles over the horizon, explore the the temples by foot or marvel from above in a hot-air balloon. Aside from the temples, the rest of the city is pretty low-key, so don’t expect to come here and party. But honestly, party or no party, Bagan is like no other place on earth, see it for yourselves on one of our amazing trips to Myanmar.


There you have it, our Solo Travellers top cities for 2016, some beautiful destinations for you to choose from. Take our advice and book soon before spaces sell out!