Debating whether to travel to Greece’s most exclusive island but need a little convincing? Let us show you to the light. Trust us when we say, do not pass up the chance to visit Santorini. This beautiful little island is world renowned for it’s white-washed cliff side villages, iconic blue domes, and of course sunsets and views to die for. Come onnnn… let us convince you.

visit santorini

The Views.

I mean, this is reason alone to travel to this stunning island. From every cliff side village, you have incredible views of the caldera, and each village offers a different perspective. If you’re feeling energetic, you can walk between the villages of Fira, Imerovigli, and Oia for unbelievable views of the Cyclades. It’s just over 9km so make sure you are in sensible shoes if you do decide to go for it. If you’re someone who’d rather relax with a drink and take in the stunning surroundings whilst sitting, check out ‘Sun Spirit’ in Oia… we spent a good couple of hours there and it was nothing short of delightful. P.S. Below is the view from Sun Spirit, plus my rather delicious Aperol Spritz.

visit santorini

The Vibe.

The Greeks of Santorini island are charming, friendly, and overall very welcoming of tourists (despite there being sooo many of us!). This helps create a relaxing, chilled-out island vibe, which is exactly what you want from a holiday, right?! You might think that Santorini, being such a “romantic” place, is purely geared towards couples, newlyweds and honeymooners, and in certain villages you might be right *cough, Oia, cough*. Having said that, I have now travelled to the island as part of a couple and as part of a group and the truth is, I enjoyed both just the same. This is not a place to miss out on purely because you don’t have a boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, husband, wife, partner, whatever! So just go for it!

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The Food.

Oh boy you can get some good food on this island. An absolute classic dish (and one of my favourites) is Pureed Fava Beans with Grilled Octopus. Some are better than others, and admittedly I realise the octopus probably doesn’t speak Greek (if you know what I’m saying), BUT, it’s still so good and well worth trying whilst you are there. My favourite restaurant on the island is a little place in Oia called ‘Melitini’, which serves up small mezze dishes at great prices. Located just off the main walkway, this place has an adorable rooftop terrace and is incredibly well-decorated. Check it out. I’ve eaten there 3 times now and never been disappointed.

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To Relax.

Another great thing about Santorini is that for the explorers, there is plenty to see and do, and for the chillers, there are plenty of beaches and hotels with pools to relax by. Our most recent trip was a happy medium – we spent the first couple of days touring the island, and the last couple of days chilling out! What more could you ask for?

visit santorini

To get those all important (and world famous) photographs!

It is no secret that Santorini is one of the world’s most photographed islands, and with good reason! It really is beautiful there and you will 100% see brides having their photos taken on the caldera edge. If you want to make sure you capture the perfect Santorini sunset from the Venetian Castle in Oia, make sure you get there early to get a good spot. And by early we mean like, 1.5 hours before… Alternatively, find a nice bar to sit in away from the crowds and just enjoy the moment (and a drink or two…)

visit santorini

So, there you have it, our Top 5 Reasons to Visit Santorini. I know we’ve convinced you, so head on over to our ‘Stunning Santorini Tour‘ page and get booked!

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