Planning where to go is never easy with such an abundance of beautiful and tempting places to choose from.

And with ‘worlds-best-destination-ever-don’t-miss-go-now’ lists coming at us every day it can get even more difficult to pick a place (and let’s not even talk about FOMO – fear of missing out!)

To make life easy for you

This isn’t another list, we promise, just a short overview to give you the inspiration you need this February to get something in the calendar. Don’t worry we’ve left all the hipster jargon out but added in credibility because here at Solo Travellers Group Holidays we can vouch for each and every place on this list!


We can talk about this place enough! Once known as Burma and closed off to the outside world, Myanmar has partly opened its doors to tourists making now the perfect time to go. Marvel at the simplicity of daily life that has yet to be touched by the Western world and see some absolutely mind-blowing monuments including the 2000 year old golden Shwedagon Pagoda.

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We have planned our Amazing India trip to coincide with the Holi Festival of Colours, a Hindu spring celebration that is guaranteed to take your trip to the next level. Start off in Delhi, the city of complexities and contradictions and spend the next 7 nights in the Golden Triangle witnessing the wonderfully weird melting pot that is India.

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If you fancy something a little closer to home our Bulgaria trip is for you. Bulgaria is well known for its raft of UNESCO heritage sites, historic towns, cathedrals and monasteries which will surely keep you entertained during this five day Easter break. With a flight time of just a little over three hours this short trip is perfect to stretch your legs around a beautiful country.

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Bali and Lombok

Bali has been on the international tourism radar for years and there’s good reason for that. Exotic paradise is a great way to describe the heart of Indonesia. Walk through the rice terraces of Ubud, watch a sunrise on Mount Batur and snorkel with exotic fish and coral (and sea turtles if you’re lucky!) Explore further afield as we go to the neighbouring island of Lombok; the laid-back idyll overlooked by one of Indonesia’s largest volcanoes.

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To celebrate the centenary of its Revolution, now is the perfect time to visit Russia. Featuring on Lonely Planet’s Best Cities guide, Moscow is undergoing some huge changes that will surely add to its already elusive charm. Our NEW trip, covering the highlights of Russia from St Petersburg to Moscow is the perfect introduction to the largest country in the world.

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