Hey Solo Travellers, check out these photos from our most recent trip to Prague, the city of spires. A true European beauty, we warn you, these photos might have you reaching for your passports! Enjoy.


The incredible gothic architecture of St. Vitus Cathedral can be seen from most places in Prague.

St Vitus Cathedral Prague

Beautiful symmetry and stained glass windows inside St. Vitus Cathedral.

Prague Castle Complex

Outside the Prague Castle Complex you can see the great spires of St. Vitus Cathedral overshadowing the other buildings.

Charles Bridge Prague

Great views over Prague and the Charles Bridge from the Castle Complex.

St. Vitus Cathedral Prague

The oldest section of St. Vitus Cathedral, dating back to the 14th century.


Views over the city on the walk down from Prague Castle.


More rooftops. More spires.

Prague Peacock

Pretty peacock in the Wallenstein Palace Gardens – a relaxing place to watch these beautiful birds.

Prague Peacock

And of course they love all the attention they get.

Charles Bridge Prague

Beautiful views over the Vlatava River from the Charles Bridge.

Czech Food Prague

An interesting night at a restaurant called Lokal, which offers only Czech produce. Very traditional food and lots of great beer…

Streets of Prague

Wandering the streets around the Old Town Square.

Astronomical Clock Prague

Prague’s famous Astronomical Clock – the oldest one in the world still in operation. Worth a watch if you happen to be in the Old Town Square on the hour!

Charles Bridge Prague

The impressive Charles Bridge, which began construction in 1357! That is one old bridge.

Charles Bridge Prague Castle

Love this view! Charles Bridge with it’s 30 baroque statues and St. Vitus Cathedral in the background.

Charles IV Prague

And here’s old Charles himself… overlooking his bridge.


The domes and spires of Prague.

Old Town Square Prague

The Gothic Church of our Lady, set in the heart of the Old Town Square.

Old Town Square Prague

The baroque St. Nicholas Church, also located in the Old Town Square – lots to see here I tell ya.


Tunnel vision.

Ovocný trh Prague

The Estates Theatre, located on this pretty little square of Ovocný trh.

Goulash Prague

Delicious bread bowl full of traditional beef goulash…washed down with a pint of Czech beer of course.

Trams Prague

Tramways cutting between the beautiful buildings.


Alternative viewpoint overlooking the newer side of town.

Ladies in Prague

These lovely ladies used to work together in Prague 20 years ago and decided to come back with us to re-explore this wonderful city!

Strahov Monastery Prague

The best view in Prague!

Cesky Krumlov

We took a day trip to the cute little town of Cesky Krumlov, 2 hours south of Prague.

Cesky Krumlov

The Vlatava River which runs through Prague also runs right around Cesky Krumlov in a perfect horseshoe shape.

Cesky Krumlov

More spires here too!

Cesky Krumlov

And a rather beautifully decorated castle tower with impressive views!

Hope you enjoyed looking through our favourite snaps! We’ll be organising more trips to Prague in the near future so get in touch if you are interested!