Hey Solo Travellers, check out these photos from our most recent trip to Bulgaria. We started in the country’s capital, Sofia, visited the Rila Monastery high in the mountains, and ended our 5-day trip in the arty city of Plovdiv. Take a look.

Alexander Nevsky Church Bulgaria

The incredible Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia.

Boyana Church Sofia Bulgaria

UNESCO World Heritage Listed Boyana Church just outside of Sofia.

The 4th century St. George Rotunda Church, Sofia's oldest church.

The Church of St. George Rotunda, the oldest building in Sofia.

Mosque Sofia Bulgaria

One of the beautiful Mosques in Sofia.

The Rila Monastery, Bulgaria’s largest Orthodox Monastery, dating back to the 10th century.


The other side of the Rila Monastery.

Rila Monastery Bulgaria

The outside of the monastery was covered in these incredible paintings, even if some of them were a little gruesome!

The area of Kapana in Plovdiv, cobbled streets and cute cafes galore!

Monastery Bulgaria

A tiny monastery on top of a very large hill as we drove up to the Bachkavo Monastery from Plovdiv.

Bachkovo Monastery Bulgaria

Bachkovo Monastery just outside Plovdiv – very peaceful up here, like a monastery should be.

Another angle of the beautiful Bachkovo Monastery.

Solo Travellers Bulgaria

Team Bulgaria listening intently to our amazing guide at the Bachkovo Monastery.

Street Art in Plovdiv Bulgaria

Amazing street art on the walls in the arty university town of Plovdiv.

Roman Amphitheatre Plovdiv

This was a real highlight. One of the world’s best preserved Roman Amphitheatres in Plovdiv.

Roman Amphitheatre Plovdiv

It was ridiculously hot at this point but I had to go down and get a couple of photos – what a beauty!

St Konstantine and Elena Church Plovdiv Bulgaria

Beautiful little backstreet in Plovdiv with the church of St. Constantine and Helena poking up over the wall.

Solo Travellers Bulgaria

Solo Travellers enjoying our last meal (and a few bottles of wine) together in Plovdiv.

Hope you enjoyed looking through our favourite snaps from Bulgaria. Hopefully you will join us next time!