Ever fancied camel riding through the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert at sunset? No? Okay… Let us persuade you.

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The Camels

This is such an incredible experience. Seriously, riding a camel through the desert… whose bucket list is that not on?! Want to know our top tip for camel riding? Hold on tight. Especially when they are dropping you off; there’s a very good chance you’ll end up with a face full of sand otherwise.

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The Sunset

Nothing prepares you for just how beautiful a Sahara sunset is. After you’ve struggled to the top of the tallest dune, legs burning and out of breath, you take a look around at the endless sand stretched out in front of you and realise the climb was definitely worth it. Once you’re up, you can watch others clambering to the top of the dunes in the distance, mesmerised by the sun dropping lower and lower. And then, just like that, it’s gone. And all that’s left are the most amazing memories of watching a sunset in the Sahara… and probably a hell of a lot of photos.

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Dancing in the Desert

Now that you’ve ridden the camels and seen the most spectacular sunset, it’s time to party. With everyone in such high spirits after an unforgettable afternoon, it’s pretty hard to resist getting up for a boogy back at camp, especially when the Moroccans are putting on such a great show. We dare you to try and sit still.

Lisbon Queluz National Palace

The Stars

I guarantee you will never have seen stars quite like the stars you’ll see in the desert. They are best observed when the moon goes down around 5am (set your alarms if you’re not still up partying). Like a blanket of sparkling diamonds, the stars seem to surround you everywhere you look and it’s truly magical. Watch out for the shooting stars as well… they are everywhere. You really could look up at the night sky, well, all night actually. 

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You’ll never forget the night you spent in the Sahara Desert

Great food, great company, and extraordinary natural beauty all equates to an evening in the Sahara you’ll never forget. Join us next time to see what all the fuss is about, you won’t be disappointed.