Earlier this year, the lovely Kate Langton joined the Solo Travellers community for the first time on one of our trips to Morocco. Check out her write up of the expectations, impressions and everything in between!

Why did you choose Solo Travellers and what made you decide to go on a group holiday?

It was a very spontaneous decision. I saw it online and this one popped up and it fell on the Easter break; it was perfect timing for me so I booked it. I am a 33 year old single Australian female and I am very independent and like travelling solo.

However in recent years I haven’t enjoyed travelling on my own as much as when I go with other people. It also requires a lot of organising and I didn’t have the time or energy to do it last year.

What was it about Morocco?

The trip looked appealing in terms of destination; I have always wanted to go to Morocco and I was only living in London for 12 months, so it was on my ‘to do’ list.

The Solo Travellers trip also looked appealing to me as the group was fairly small, with a variety of ages and sexes but also it seemed as though it wasn’t too structured and there was plenty of free time to explore on your own if you wanted to.

What were your first impressions of Morocco?

I went without any expectations and entered the trip with a completely open mind but firstly, the people were lovely, very friendly and hospitable. The weather and heat was a great transition away from London! The food was amazing and the scenery was incredible. I didn’t expect to see such different terrain throughout our trip, including desert, arid mountains, valleys and greenery.

What did you think to Moroccan culture and cuisine?

The people are very passionate about their culture which was surprising. There was also a lot more Middle Eastern influence than I thought. It was very interesting to see so many different areas and meet some interesting people.

To start with, the food was sensational, especially the fresh produce and meats, however the food became a bit ‘same same’ after a while.

Tell us about your favourite moment(s) of the trip? What were your highlights?

It is hard to pick one favourite moment, although the camel ride and walk up the Sahara desert was amazing. To share it with such great people was also a lovely experience. I also enjoyed getting to know people and sharing meals together. The night we stayed at the Atlas Mountain was probably the highlight in terms of accommodations and surroundings.

What are your lasting impressions of Morocco, and would you go again?

I am not sure I would go again. It was a wonderful experience and I felt like the trip gave me a really good, well-rounded experience that I was satisfied with.

Would you travel with Solo Travellers again?

Yes, definitely! Our host was fantastic and I made some great friends which I hope to see again on my travels.