Know Before You Go Israel

Thinking of joining one of our upcoming Solo Travellers trips to Israel? Or maybe you’ve already signed up… either way, here is some useful information to know before you go!

In Advance…

  • British passport holders do not need a visa for Israel.
  • If you are unsure whether you need any vaccinations updated, book an appointment with your doctor or travel nurse a minimum of 8 weeks before departure.
  • You can change up some Israeli Shekels before departure if you prefer, but ATM’s and money changers are readily available upon arrival. You can also use US Dollars in most places.
  • We recommend a budget of £150 – £200 for the week. This will cover lunches, drinks, and tips. If you wish to do some shopping whilst you’re out there, take a little extra cash.

What to Pack…

  • The weather will be hot during the day but does get cooler at night so take layers for the evenings, as well as adequate sun protection: sun cream, sunglasses, sun hat.
  • A couple of the days involve a lot of walking so make sure you pack comfortable shoes as well as sandals.
  • Make sure you pack a swimsuit for your trip to the Dead Sea.
  • You will need to dress modestly on this trip, as everyday you will be visiting religious sites. This means keeping your shoulders and knees covered.
  • Travel plug adapters. The 2-pronged European adapters work fine.
  • A packet of tissues will come in handy for when you stop off for toilet breaks.
  • You may consider taking a bible to follow along with some of the verses that will be read to you. Alternatively, you can just download them to your phone… we are in the 21st century, hello.

Before You Leave…

  • Make sure you have your passport and all your travel documents with you before you leave the house!
  • We advise you put a lock on your checked-luggage.

Upon Arrival…

  • Upon arrival in Israel, make your way to immigration. Here, they will probably ask you a few questions about why you have come to Israel, who you are travelling with, and where you are going. This is normal, don’t worry.
  • They will also give you an ‘arrival card’ which you should keep in your passport until you leave. This card is used as an alternative to having a stamp in your passport.
  • Our local guide will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall holding a “Solo Travellers” sign. They will then transfer you to the hotel.

The Hotels…

  • You will be staying on a half board basis at the hotels on this trip, which means all your breakfasts and dinners will be included.
  • All hotels have WiFi, and this is also readily available in most restaurants and cafes too.

The Day Tours…

  • You will be covering a lot of ground and seeing a lot of sights on this trip. Prepare to depart at 8am most mornings and be out until 5 or 6pm.
  • Do not panic, you won’t be walking the entire time! Some of the days involve more walking than others, but you can expect your step count to be in the 10,000’s most days.
  • You will be provided with two 500ml bottles of drinking water each day, but in the hot weather it is recommended to carry more if you are prone to dehydration or sunstroke.
  • At the more popular sites, such as the Nativity Church and the Holy Sepulchre, you will need to stay close to the guide as the crowds can mean getting split from the rest of the group.

Israel / Palestine…

  • On some days you will be travelling between Israel and Palestine, and on these days, you will need to carry your passports with you.

Leaving Israel…

  • You will need to be at the airport 3 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart.
  • The queues are long, and you will be questioned by airport staff again. They will want to know your reasons for travelling, who you are travelling with, why you have stamps from certain countries in your passport, etc, etc. Again, this is normal. Just answer their questions.


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