Thinking of joining one of our upcoming Solo Travellers trips to Tromso in Norway? Or maybe you’ve already signed up… either way, here is some useful information to know before you go!

Sunlight Hours

In the winter months, the hours of sunlight are minimal. We’re talking 3 or 4 hours a day. So when you walk into a restaurant for lunch at 1.30pm don’t be surprised when you walk out an hour later and it looks like the middle of the night. We personally think Tromso looks prettier in the dark, but still, the moral of the story is: if there’s something you want to see in the light, go see it at midday.

Dog Sledding

If you haven’t been dog sledding before, do it in Tromso. The scenery alone on the drive to the camp is enough to make you glad you ventured out of the city. Seriously, think bare black trees against tall snowy mountains with big frozen lakes and you’re pretty much there. The dog sledding itself is so much fun, and there is the added bonus of driving the sled yourself… don’t worry, the pooches know their way around the mountains. The dog sledding lasts for around an hour and a half. Snowsuits and snow boots are provided, as is a light lunch on your return to the camp.

Northern Lights

Whilst this natural phenomena is not always guaranteed, our local guides will do their very best to make sure you catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, sometimes even driving close to the Finnish border. Tromso is, however, one of the best places in Norway to see the lights and we have been fortunate enough to see them on most of our trips. If you don’t have a fancy camera, do not fear, the local guides have very good cameras and have mastered the art of capturing photos of you with the lights in the background… at no extra cost.

Extra Clothing

As we are sure you are aware, Tromso is bloody cold, being in the arctic circle and all. You will need to take warm, waterproof clothing and sensible hiking or snow boots with you. Snowsuits and shoes can be provided for the Northern Lights and Dog Sledding excursions but it’s always good to have your own gear too.


As one of the most expensive countries to visit, you are certainly going to need some money for a trip to Norway. On average, you can expect to pay around £25 for a main course in a restaurant, with pints of beer and glasses of wine verging on the £10 mark. It is always a good idea to have at least some cash on you, however most places in Tromso accept cards.


Obviously you should keep your wits about you in any new country, but having said that, Tromso is a very safe city. So safe in fact, that people even leave their babies sleeping in (very warm-looking) buggies outside cafes on the street, whilst they sit inside and sip hot coffee. You wouldn’t catch anyone doing that in London would ya!


Get yourself booked onto our next Northern Lights adventure in Tromso if you haven’t already, this trip sells out fast! Still need convincing? Check out our Photo Diary from our last trip to Tromso – guaranteed to have you reaching for your passport!