Know Before You Go Morocco

Thinking of joining one of our upcoming Solo Travellers trips to Morocco and the Sahara? Or maybe you’ve already signed up… either way, here is some useful information to know before you go!

Changing Money

You can change money up when you arrive in Marrakech, either at the airport or your guide will show you somewhere in the centre. You will not be able to change dirhams outside of Morocco, so it is best to try and change only what you will need as the exchange rate for changing dirhams back to pounds will not be good.

Spending Money

I would budget around £20 each day for food and water (drinks would be on top of this, but also very inexpensive), and then it really depends how much stuff you want to buy to take home with you… if I’d had the space in my suitcase I would have spent a lot more money. BELIEVE ME.


Depending on the time of year, it can get very cold in the evenings… especially when you are sleeping in a tent in the middle of the desert. The colder months are November through to March, so if you’re visiting during this time it’s always best to take a jumper with you, and layers that you can add underneath. If you are visiting any other time of the year, you can pack for summer. Remember to bring something to cover your shoulders when visiting religious sites in Marrakech. Take a scarf to wrap around your head whilst you’re up the dunes because one, it looks better, and two, you won’t end up with half the desert in your hair.

Riding Camels

If you have ever ridden a camel before, you’ll know it’s not the most comfortable creature to sit on. My advice would be to take a thick jumper or something to sit on for a little bit of extra cushioning. Also, make sure you are not wearing anything that might blow in the camels face in the wind, a scarf for example. They don’t like that.

Taking Photos

This is only an issue in the main square in Marrakech, but if you are taking photos of the street acts you will be expected to pay for the privilege. If you do want to have your photo taken with one of the, erm, adorable little snakes, then make sure you’ve got a pocket full of change to give to their charmers.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcohol is sold in most of the hotels you will be staying in during the trip and in certain bars or restaurants in Marrakech, but other than that you can pretty much expect to be drinking Moroccan tea for the duration.

Moroccan Tea

Speaking of Moroccan tea, you MUST try it. But be warned, they tend to put sugar in every pot unless you ask them not to. And even then they still do it… fine if you have a sweet tooth, but can be a bit much!

Prepare for Long Drives

Driving really is the only way to get around in Morocco and although there are regular stops, you can expect to be in the car for up to 6 hours on some days.

The Scenery & Hospitality

The drives may be long but when the scenery is this spectacular, you don’t mind so much. Prepare to be thoroughly entertained and well looked after too, the people of Morocco are incredibly welcoming and our guides are an absolute dream.


Get yourself booked onto our next Sahara adventure if you haven’t already, this trip sells out fast! Still need convincing? Check out our Moroccan Photo Diary from our last trip – guaranteed to have you reaching for your passport!