Thinking of joining one of our upcoming Solo Travellers trips to Cambodia? Or maybe you’ve already signed up… either way, here is some useful information to know before you go!

The Food

Whilst Cambodian cuisine is lesser known than the food of it’s culinary neighbours, the meals you will eat in this country are still pretty damn tasty. One of Cambodia’s most popular dishes is the Fish Amok Curry, so make sure you get one of these before you leave!

The Pol Pot Regime

One of the most horrifying events in recent history. If you are a bit clueless as to what the people of Cambodia went through in the 70s, I would strongly recommend reading ‘First They Killed My Father‘ by Loung Ung or ‘Survival in the Killing Fields‘ by Haing Ngor – the man who portrayed Dith Pran in the 1984 film, The Killing Fields. Visiting the real Killing Fields & the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum can be incredibly upsetting, so be prepared for this.

The Locals

They are a very young population as a result of the genocide, but despite what they have been through, Cambodian’s are some of the friendliest locals you will meet in South East Asia. Be respectful of them and their culture; cover up at temples and remove your shoes before entering. Also something to note, Monk’s are not supposed to have any physical contact with women, so remember to keep your distance.


The Angkor complex will be one of the most impressive things you will see in your life. Take time to appreciate each temple area, and try not to let the crowds spoil your experience. Some temples are busier than others, with Ta Prohm and Angkor Wat amongst the worst affected. Most temples are maintained through contributions made by tourists, so remember to leave a donation where possible.

Don’t Sleep

If you are driving from town to town, don’t sleep the whole way – LOOK OUT THE WINDOW! Cambodia’s countryside is so beautiful. Make the most of your time in this incredible country and admire the views.


In Cambodia, you can expect to pay for things mostly in US dollars. Cambodian Riel is only used for very small amounts.


You will have no problems finding cafes and bars which have wifi… Instagrammers relax.

Tap Water

Don’t drink it. You will get ill.


Always, ALWAYS, book an appointment with your doctor or travel nurse before you travel.


Get booked onto our next Cambodian adventure if you haven’t already and experience this beautiful country for yourselves.