Probably one of our most frequently asked questions: what do I need to bring with me? It’s sometimes difficult to know what to take when visiting a new country – especially Iceland. So, here is our Solo Travellers list of Iceland essentials.


Seems obvious, but top of our Iceland essentials list is waterproofs. We recommend taking both waterproof jackets and trousers if you can, especially if you are planning on doing any extra activities, for example, ice climbing, glacier hiking, etc. Let’s face it, being wet and cold all day is pretty miserable.

Sensible Shoes

Hiking boots are probably going to be your best bet here. The ground can be very icy and slippy, especially at the waterfalls, so it is best to have shoes with a good grip and ones that will keep your feet warm.


You will understand why layers are so important the minute you step off the plane. I honestly didn’t know what cold was until I had been to Iceland. If you bring lots of layers, you can easily adapt to the outside temperature – Icelanders will be the first to tell you, the weather is very unpredictable.

Hat, Gloves & Scarf

Again, seems obvious. Would recommend getting a hat which covers your ears, a big scarf you can hide your face in, and some well-lined gloves.

Decent Camera

If you are hoping to capture an image of the Northern Lights on your phone, think again. Would also recommend a tripod, if you have one, for those long exposures.


Iceland is famous for its geothermal pools – don’t miss out on this amazing experience by forgetting your bathers.

Credit Card

Iceland is not a particularly cheap place to visit; food and drinks prices are pretty similar to those in London, so best to have your credit card at the ready in case you’ve ordered one too many Icelandic cocktails. (Cocktails also classify as Iceland essentials)

Empty Bottle

The tap water in Iceland is so fresh and delicious. Don’t waste your money buying bottles of water when you can fill up on some of the finest tap water in the world. Also, Icelanders will look at you funny if you ask for bottled water, just FYI.

So there you go, our Solo Travellers’ Iceland essentials check-list. If you haven’t booked yet, do not fear! We still have some spaces left on our next Icelandic Adventure.