Know Before You Go Morocco

Photography is one of the most important ways we keep our travel memories alive.

Whether it’s on a printed Polaroid or uploaded to your Instagram, getting the ‘right’ shot can be tricky! While we’re advocates of taking in the surroundings and enjoying your destination in the moment, here are 6 handy tips when behind the lense to immortalise those travel memories.

1. First in, last out

You’ve heard the phrase ‘early bird catches the worm’ right? Light is essential to a good photo so sunrise is a perfect time to capture the moment. And also… less people! Only the dedicated (or crazy) are up at that time so chances are you’ll have the place to yourself. Also consider sunsets; those orange/red/yellow glows make everything look golden.

Sunset is a great time for photography

2. Work it

Remember school photo head shots? Forget it! It’s all about the angle so mix it up and consider every direction – including reflections. We can’t promise this won’t get messy but sometimes the best shots are through perseverance.

Iran's architechture

3. Eye to eye

Rather than relying on landscapes introduce local people into your photos for that human factor. It goes without saying that you need to ask permission first so chat to them first, get to know them. Even if you don’t speak the language, if you want it enough you can connect with them on some level and you’ll be rewarded at the end.

These ladies make a great subject

4. Selfie sticks… are okay

Maybe not for the classic selfie shot but being able to elongate your arm, as it were, to reach better focus points is priceless. Can’t see over a wall? No problem. Zoom not enough? Your selfie stick may come to the rescue! Be creative 🙂


5. Framing

Whether it’s a window frame or the entrance to a cave, the natural and modern world gives so many opportunities to frame your subject. By doing this the eye is automatically drawn in creating a sense of depth and interest.

Framing at its best!

6. Practicality over all

There’s no point taking in all our (awesome) tips and getting the best shots if you then go and lose your camera or have it stolen. Be wary of your surroundings and keep belongings close – travel insurance is important but it can’t replace those invaluable photographic memories!

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