It’s easily done;

We let our minds wander until we’ve created unrealistic scenarios that ultimately put us off our end goal. And solo travelling is no different.

The plethora of questions seems endless:

“How will I cope on my own?” “What do I do in case of an emergency” “I don’t speak the language, how will I get by?”

Completely understandable

I travelled with someone for 8 months then broke off to see Australia and Myanmar alone. Australia was a breeze, same language, similar lifestyles… easy! But Myanmar? It couldn’t be any more different.

And as a female solo traveller, I’d heard all the horror stories. I’d been warned off enough to think that ALL of those unrealistic scenarios will definitely happen.

(I’m happy to report that my experience in Myanmar blew my mind and is one of my fondest travel memories to date)

That’s where we come in

But if you can’t get past those niggling doubts then that’s where we come in. As adults we respect your prerogative, your space, your needs and wants. Yet we are there with a safety blanket and friendly face throughout your trip. The expectations of group holidays are that they’re rigid with no room for fun. And what happens if you hate all your fellow travellers?!

So let us do the hard work

But in reality those expectations never materialise. Sure, you’ll have some pre-trip nerves, that’s only natural. But most of our customers arrange to meet up beforehand because everyone is in the same boat. So once you’ve put a face to a name, it’ll be like travelling with old friends!

We plan our trips for you to get the most out of them. They’re organised and relaxed giving you the free time to explore in the way you want, whilst making sure we give you the best experience possible. That’s a pretty good combo (even if we do say so ourselves).

In the six years Solo Travellers Group Holidays have been running, our community of like-minded travellers has grown. And it keeps on doing so because the reality of group holidays far outweighs the expectations.

Just ask our repeat customers, they’ll tell you all about it!

Coming up…

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