We know that you love to travel; else you wouldn’t be reading this now. But how do you decide between an unforgettable group holiday or solo travel?

What do you do when your regular travel partner can’t join you? As you may have guessed, we’re biased towards group holidays but we understand how difficult it can be to make that decision for your next holiday.

We’ve put together reasons for and against each type of travel so you can decide which style is for you.

Group holidays

There are some myths about group holidays out there that suggest you’ll be ferried from one tourist spot to the next and spend loads of time on coaches and eat mediocre food in mediocre hotels.

Today’s travellers are savvy and want their precious time off work to be worthwhile.

That’s why it’s important to pick a trip that is right for you. Of course you’ll want to see the Taj Mahal if you go to India, the Serengeti in Tanzania, Christ the Redeemer in Brazil or the Northern Lights in Iceland. But the best trips offer not only that but all the other aspects the country has to offer.

And with group holidays you have the invaluable knowledge of your local guide who will show and tell you things you might not have come across otherwise. These added perks are what makes a trip special and memorable.

When planning how you will travel around, it’s inevitable there will be some long journeys along the way.

The good thing with organised holidays is someone else has dealt with the logistics meaning you don’t have to and the reward for choosing this kind of holiday? A little luxury (we’re thinking AC!)

One of the biggest worries is spending the entire time with a group of people who were essentially strangers before you boarded the flight. Group holiday itineraries are guidelines, not regimented timetables so you have as much free time as you choose; we encourage social mealtimes but if it’s not your thing then no problem. If you want to wander off and do your own thing, no problem!

Accommodation can pretty much make or break a trip – we’ve all had that one nightmare experience!

The thing with group travel is the hotels have been vetted and in our case, it’s most often by our own staff so the recommendations are coming from genuine experience.

As for the food, this is a huge part of a holiday (at least, it is for us!) so it’s important to get it right.

Catering for large groups can be difficult at times but as with the accommodation, eating out has been tried and tested to give you the best experience. Having a local guide can introduce you to new local cuisines you might have missed and with most operators offering to cover most meals, you’ll be introduced to new and delicious food from your destination of choice.

Solo travel

Travelling solo isn’t for just one kind of person; sometimes it can seem like only the brave and free-spirited can go it alone but that’s not true.

We should all travel alone at one point in our lives as it’s a huge learning curve. Getting out of your comfort zone is something solo travel really encourages, much like a group holiday in the respect that you’re entering into the (semi) unknown.

Budgeting solo can be tricky

You can be exposed to unexpected additional fees, super expensive public transport and overpriced restaurant fares. With the right amount of planning, you can definitely make a budget to meet your needs, just be wary of these financial surprises.

When choosing your destination, who you travel with can be a big factor

Some people may feel comfortable booking a flight and going anywhere, others may be more conservative and wary of their choices. Visiting a destination in a group can offer a safety blanket and encourage you to go further afield or where you hadn’t considered whereas travelling alone can reduce your options but make you get creative with your planning. Of course, everyone’s preferences are different so it’s definitely something to think about.

On the topic of planning…

Solo travel makes making your next travel decision super easy. You only have yourself to satisfy and negotiating is a thing of the past. It encourages you to push your personal boundaries and actually talk to strangers and have dinner alone!

Whatever style of travel you choose, we hope that these tips for both group holidays and solo travel have helped you to make your minds up. And for when group travel has the edge, you can choose your next destination with us here.