Just because you’re flying solo (excuse the pun) it doesn’t have to mean that you are alone.

Life’s Challenges

We can all face solo travelling at some point in our lives. It might be that you’ve faced some tough life hurdles and suddenly found yourself without a travel partner. Or if you’ve simply been marching to the beat of your own drum, we all have different travel desires and personal requirements that need fulfilling.

You’re not alone

The prospect of travelling alone can be so daunting it turns a great idea into a scary dark cloud looming over us. And if you can relate to this then trust us, you’re not alone. Many of the new customers coming to us have the same worries, regardless of age or motive. Although the world is now a very well travelled place, the prospect of leaving the safety of home makes our trips seem like maiden voyages into uncharted territories!

We’ve been there

Soon enough though our customers come to realise that Solo Travellers can offer the best of both worlds. You can combine the opportunity to meet new like-minded people with exploring beautiful parts of the world.

And get all this whilst knowing the logistics of travelling have been taken care of… well there’s no better way to venture out on a trip of a lifetime!

So no longer does being on your own define the types of travel you can indulge in so come aboard and we promise you won’t look back.