Free Time in Reykjavik

Coming on our trip to Iceland, but not sure what to do with your free time in Reykjavik? We’ve got you covered. Here is our Solo Travellers guide of great things to do in and around Iceland’s capital of cool.

Hallgrímskirkja Church

So first up on our list of things to do with your free time in Reykjavik, is to take a stroll up Skólavörðustígur Street and marvel at the amazing architecture as you approach Hallgrimskirkja’s magnificent structure. Finished in 1986 (after 40 years of construction!), this modern beauty is well-worth checking out – and you can warm your hands and feet up inside!

Harpa Concert Hall

Perched on the corner of the Marina, Reykjavik’s concert hall boasts an impressive exterior. It was unclear for a time, whether the structure would ever be completed as a result of the financial crisis, but in 2008, the government gave the go-ahead to finish the half built concert hall… we’re pretty glad they did.

Laugavegur Street

Widely regarded as the main street in Reykjavik, there are plenty of shops, bars and restaurants here to keep you entertained. Look out for the street art too!

Glacier Hiking

If you fancy something a little more challenging, you should give the glacier hiking a go! There is also the option to do the ice-climbing, which is a little harder but an amazing experience according to previous Solo Travellers on our trips.

Mount Esja

When the weather is good it is possible to climb the mountain that dominates Reykjavik’s skyline; Mount Esja (please note that you should always be advised on the weather conditions before attempting a climb). There are a number of different routes you can take, varying in difficulty, however, you will be rewarded wherever you decide to stop with amazing views over the city.

Perlan Viewpoint

This is our Solo Travellers *Top Pick* for how to spend your free time in Reykjavik. It’s easy to get to and is totally worth the short walk from the centre of town. The 360 views over the capital are breathtaking, and it doesn’t cost a thing!

Whale Watching

This is another popular activity to fill an afternoon. Previous groups have even been lucky enough to see Orkas! Be advised, this one’s probably not for you if you struggle with sea-sickness.

Coffee Shops

There are an abundance of excellent coffee shops in Reykjavik, most with good wifi connections for those all important photo uploads! Our favourite was Reykjavik Roasters; they literally roast the coffee right in front of you!

Helicopter Tours

As expected, helicopter tours are at the pricier end of the scale, that said, a chance to fly over active volcanoes and marvel at Iceland’s incredibly unique landscapes is a once in a lifetime experience. Please be aware that the unpredictable Icelandic weather can affect these tours, if it is not safe to fly, you will not be flying. In which case you will be fully refunded for any tours you may have booked.


You won’t be short of things to do with your free time in Reykjavik. Spend them wisely! Get yourself booked onto our next Iceland Winter Adventure now whilst we still have a few spots left!