It’s one of the most colourful and anticipated events in the global calendar and it’s happening this weekend.

The Chinese New Year will see millions of people celebrate this annual festivity which is also called the Spring Festival. One fifth of the world’s population will enjoy colourful parades, delicious foods, firework shows and gifts.

Bring on the Rooster

This year’s Chinese New Year falls on Saturday 28th January and kicks off the Year of the Rooster.


So for all those people born 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993 and 2005… This is your year!


A Chinese proverb we love here at Solo Travellers Group Holidays is: “Flowers may bloom again, but a person never has the chance to be young again. So don’t waste your time.”

And that’s exactly why we encourage you to try something new, perhaps something out of your comfort zone.

Highlight of China

Our Highlight of China tour enables you to get a taste of the Orient for yourself whilst enjoying the companionship of travelling in a group.

The 11 day trip is perfect for Solo Travellers looking to explore the big cities of China from Shanghai to Beijing. Sightsee some of the top spots of the country. And of course, no trip to China would be complete without a day at The Great Wall!

A January treat

During the midst of the January blues we know the cure is to have something to look forward to (we tend to book a lot of holidays!).

Our Highlight of China tour opens the door into another world, one filled with new sights and sounds, flavours and fragrances.

So, it’s a big Xinnian Kuaile from us

(that means Happy New Year and is pronounced sshin-nyen kwhy-luh in case you were wondering) and we hope to have you on board for a trip to the East!