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Why Ethiopia should be your next must-see destination

Ethiopia may slip under most travellers’ radars when choosing their next destination. Africa is a vast continent and singling out one country to visit can be a daunting prospect. What’s more, we can be guilty of thinking Africa only as a place to go on Safari and see...

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Group holiday or solo travel?

We know that you love to travel; else you wouldn’t be reading this now. But how do you decide between an unforgettable group holiday or solo travel? What do you do when your regular travel partner can’t join you? As you may have guessed, we’re biased towards group...

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Five reasons why group travel is the best

We might be a little biased when we say group travel is the best but after you've read our 5 reasons why, we're pretty confident you'll agree with us too! It takes the hassle out of travelling There really is no more convenient way of travelling than when someone else...

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Airport hacks to start your holiday off right

Starting your holiday off right is so important because nobody wants to get to their destination more stressed than when they left home Airports can be trying at the best of times with passengers crossing paths, usually running on caffeine and zero sleep, bad airline...

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We've just returned from a wonderful long weekend in Istanbul, the city where East and West collide. We visited many beautiful mosques, ate some delicious Turkish food and watched the sunset amidst the hundreds of spires that are scattered all over the city's skyline....

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Thinking of joining one of our upcoming Solo Travellers trips to Istanbul? Or maybe you’ve already signed up… either way, here is some useful information to know before you go! Visas You will need a visa to enter Turkey. This is a quick and easy online process and can...

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