Looking for some restaurant recommendations in Colombia? Look no further. We’ve put together a list of the best places to eat in Cartagena and Bogota, so you can forget the endless trawling of TripAdvisor and take our personal recommendations. Much better.

Best places to eat in Cartagena and Bogota

Sant Just, Bogota

This place plays funky tunes and dishes out some amazing food. We ordered this rather delicious plate of pork which came with mashed potato and some locally produced veg. It was incredibly filling and just what we needed after a long day of sightseeing… and probably one too many Bogota Beer Company beers. Sant Just is well located in the Barrio La Aguas district, and has some lovely street art surrounding the restaurant itself. What more do you need?

Best places to eat in Cartagena and Bogota

Capital Cocina y Cafe, Bogota

Ohhhh baby, the size of the avocado’s in Colombia will blow your mind! And they are everywhere. Capital Cocina y Cafe is a cute little restaurant on the corner of a row of beautiful colonial buildings in the La Candelaria district of Bogota. It’s really small so book ahead, but the food was wonderful. It’s amazing that something as simple as this roast beef with avocado and a little salsa could be so beautifully presented that we almost didn’t want to eat it… but we did. And it was great. Definitely worth checking out guys.

Best places to eat in Cartagena and Bogota

Andres Carne de Res, Chia (near Bogota)

Okay, so not as beautifully presented as some of the other places we ate at, but the food at Andres Carne de Res was equally delicious. Decided to go for this vegetarian dish; a traditional Colombian bean stew served with fried plantain, rice and obligatory avocado. The plantain was out of this world tasty. But the real draw of this place was the atmosphere. It’s completely bonkers. Weird and wonderful trinkets cover every inch of wall and ceiling in this restaurant, and everything has a price. Take home what you like.

Best places to eat in Cartagena and Bogota

La Mulata, Cartagena

Recommended to us by our wonderful guide, La Mulata focuses on seafood with a Caribbean vibe. Think grilled octopus with mashed plantain and avocado – of course. The atmosphere is good and the prices are reasonable compared to most places in Cartagena. Stay off the Club Colombia for this one and order one of their homemade lemonades with fresh coconut. To. Die. For.

Best places to eat in Cartagena and Bogota

Gaucha, Cartagena

If you don’t go to any of the other places we’ve recommended – go to this one. It’s actually an Argentinian restaurant, but this was hands down the best meal I had in Colombia, and maybe one of the tastiest steaks I’ve had anywhere. Cooked to perfection and accompanied by yet more mashed plantain, but this plantain was really good because it was cooked with bacon. Bit of a meat overload but it really was delicious. And the vibe at Gaucha was wonderful; such a beautiful interior. Oh! And the service was great too. We had a really lovely waitress. Basically yeah, just go.

Best places to eat in Cartagena and Bogota

Zaitun, Cartagena

We went to this restaurant on our last night in Colombia and it was the perfect place to end a wonderful journey through one of South America’s true greats. The food at Zaitun is Caribbean Lebanese, if you can imagine that. I couldn’t to begin with, but when I had my first mouthful of chicken I understood. And it really works! Another highlight of this place (although not adding to the ‘authentic’ experience malarkey) was that they had Aperol Spritz on the menu. YES. More expensive than other places in Colombia, but definitely a lot cheaper than at home, this place definitely makes it on to our list of best places to eat in Cartagena. Check it out.

Best places to eat in Cartagena and Bogota

Restaurante Mistura, Cartagena

And just when you thought I wasn’t going to recommend anymore restaurants… Restaurante Mistura, whilst not good for vegans, was very good for seafood lovers. This is clearly the place wealthy Colombians come to celebrate birthdays and other notable life events. There’s literally loads of delicious stuff on the menu, but we went for some of the ceviches on offer which definitely filled a whole. The interior of this place is so dreamy, even if you don’t go for the food, go and have a drink at the bar.

Okay, that really is the end this time. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading through our list of the best places to eat in Cartagena and Bogota, and that we’ve inspired you to try some of these badboys for yourselves. Happy munching!
And if you want to join us on our next Colombia trip (which you definitely should) follow the link!

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