Starting your holiday off right is so important because nobody wants to get to their destination more stressed than when they left home

Airports can be trying at the best of times with passengers crossing paths, usually running on caffeine and zero sleep, bad airline food, delays and other added stresses. So next time you’re jetting off, try these handy hacks at the airport to not only keep calm but also save on cash as well.

You can take your water bottle through security. 

Ok granted, it has to be empty but if you take the bottle through, on the other side you can fill it up for free. Most airports now have drinking water taps so you won’t be charged airport fees for water. Oh and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment by saving plastic

Speaking of security, always head to the left checkpoint.

It’s been found that people will naturally go towards the right-hand lanes so chances are, if you go left, you’ll be through quicker with a little less chaos too.

Take extra clear plastic bags.

Some airports are kind enough (!) to give these out for free but the last thing you want is to be rummaging around for £1 just so you can get through security. These little bags will also come in handy to keep loose items together, or keep cables from getting tangled (another annoyance!)

If you can, fly in the evening or at night.

Not only are these flights usually cheaper but the airport will typically be quieter too, as will your commute to the airport. Late fight = smooth sailing through the airport!

Nobody wants to be stung by overweight luggage fees…

…so if you’re concerned about being caught out, consider your flying outfit before you leave home. If you do need to offload some weight, you can always throw on some clothes out of your suitcase (we got this inspiration from Joey in Friends – if you haven’t seen it, watch it now!)

Before arriving at the airport, check out Seatguru

This handy go to guide gives you all the extra info on your flight and the aircraft including seat maps and on-board facilities. Using this will prepare you for the flight so you can relax before even stepping foot on the aeroplane – ideal for our nervous passengers out there!

So as you can see, all it takes is a little planning and preparation and your journey through the airport will be seamless and chaos-free! And we don’t know about you but that is just the way we like to start a holiday! If you’re looking for your next holiday then check out our upcoming trips here