Myanmar Trekking Trip

If you Google “adventure travel”…

You’re faced with definitions ranging from “a life-changing experience,” and “personal growth and challenge,” to “a sense of accomplishment” and “a feeling of gratitude and mindfulness.” Sound good? We think so.

Living a healthy lifestyle is as popular as ever…

But one thing that’s easy to forget is that you can incorporate your desire to live this way with your holidays and trips.

After all, holidays are proven to boost our mental well-being from the pre-departure excitement to the buzz and thrill we get from arriving in a new and exciting place.

And with adventure tourism set to increase by 45% in the next three years,

now is a good a time as any to jump on the bandwagon and think about your physical fitness as well as your mental wellbeing. And that’s where we come in!

One of the newest trips in our repertoire is a 10-day trekking experience,

taking you through the most beautiful region of a country that was once off-limits to foreign tourism. Trek along the local people’s trails, through their rice paddies and sleep in local villages for a true experience of life in Myanmar.

Here are four great reasons to think outside the box and push the boundaries on your comfort zone:

Less stress, more smile

The happier you are the less stress hormone is pumped around your body. And travel makes people happier – we promise we didn’t just make that up.

A better brain

Forget the daily dilemmas that take up too much valuable brain space. Trekking in the wilds of a foreign country give your mind the time to breathe and wander, so you can stop to appreciate the important things in life

Physically fitter

Trekking for upwards of nine hours a day doesn’t come without the physical affects. You’ll be more active which can naturally lead to weight loss, more tone and definition and boundless sources of energy!

Bedtime brilliance

Of course with all this activity during the day, you won’t have any problems dropping off at night. Many people today struggle to sleep for reasons such as technology interference so this is a good way to recharge your own batteries.

Don’t be put off by the physical demands of treks like the Myanmar Highlights trip

If you feel like you aren’t fit enough then you have plenty of time to get practicing and that can come in any style of exercise that suits you best.

Give it a go, your health and well-being will thank you after!