Valentine’s Day is about so much more than buying lavish presents, declaring our love for someone and fitting into the same old clichés.

It is also a chance to think about the love we give out, what we love doing and the many ways in which we can love ourselves.

Our relationships with travel are constantly evolving…

… and are ones that are bound to be like any human relationship; it has its highs, its lows, it will bring the best out in you and it will probably annoy you like crazy at some points!

We’ve put together 5 reasons why travel is one of the best companionships we can have and how it can teach us to love ourselves and other people.

Travel will always be there for you

Whether you’re committed to the cause or an intermittent traveller, we can always rely on our next adventure no matter what. Travel won’t ignore your texts or break up with you; you can rely on travel to be there waiting with open arms for your next destination-based decision.

You can be true to yourself

We’re all different and all want different things so finding love can be tricky at times. But have no fear as travel will never ask too much of you! Want to relax on a beach for a week with a good book? No problem. Fancy climbing a towering mountain? Go for it! Whatever you want, you can do it and travel makes all that possible

Your travel memories last a lifetime

Remember that trip you took 15 years ago when you finished university? Or that one time on a European city break? Time and travel have no meaning because the memories don’t fade; it’s as if it were yesterday and you can guarantee that at any age, travel will be by your side

The connections are endless

No pun intended – we all know the delights of airport connections – but human connection is what we’re getting at. It’s too easy to be caught in our own daily bubble so when we get out there and meet people from all corners of the world it’s surprising how fun, easy and natural it is to connect with others, even if there’s no shared language

Travel surprises you

Forget the chocolates, red roses and jewellery, some of the best surprises to be enjoyed are from travel. Some of the greatest joys in life come from those little surprises, from the free coffee at the airport to the magical sunrise caught on camera. Be open to surprises and you’ll be, well… pleasantly surprised!!

Single or taken, our Solo Traveller trips don’t discriminate.

Find your perfect tour, treat yourself this year and fall in love with as many places as possible.